Crane Cams now offers a specially formulated 10W-40 conventional engine oil (#99300-1) to cope with the stresses created using flat-faced follower camshafts. This oil will ensure that the critical first hour of your camshaft’s life will lead to long-term reliability.
Car Craft Magazine Teams up with Crane's Chase Knight to demonstrate the massive RPM potential of Crane Hydraulic Cams and Lifters.
The Quick Fuel Technology 750cfm Slayer Carb Tested in a Car Craft Carburetor Shootout!

Automotive Performance Distributors Pty. Ltd. are direct importers and wholesalers of a large range of performance equipment, specialising in V8 engine parts and components for vehicles from the 1960's through to current models. We deal direct with the US manufacturers and can therefore offer service, backup and support that other resellers cannot.

We can also do warranty and repairs on many US manufactured products such as Quick Fuel, Crane Cams, Holley, Magnafuel, etc.

We ship weekly from many suppliers, and custom orders from Crane Cams and Quick Fuel Technology are our specialty.

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